"Spicing it Up"

We have our first blog mention by Toni Lansbury over at *the gratitude-a-thon blog!

"The other day I wrote about how great I feel when I watch The Voice (happy, smiley, inspired) , and that I think it’s because watching other people’s dreams come true is actually good for you, even thought they’re not your dreams. Well, that’s how I feel about watching the mother of one of my son’s friends, who I used to sit with at basketball games, and now just see on Facebook, make her dream come true. Damn, it’s good, riding the coat tails of someone else’s goal."

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I came to tears reading Toni’s blog about me. It was kind of surreal reading about what other people see in you. Yes, I am all of those things she said about me! People ask how do I do it all and I just tell them that I don’t have time to think about doing it, I just get it done. I tell my sons and anyone that is out there with a dream, “follow it”. Your life will never be whole without doing so. In my case, there may be a shelf life to my products (that’s one year unopened by the way), but there’s no shelf life to your dreams!

Peace & Blessings