Frequently asked questions

What is chutney?
Chutney is a savory relish made with fruit, onions, spices preserved with vinegar or citrus juice.  

What is relish?
Relishes are pickled vegetables.  When you add fruit it's a chutney.  

When do you ship out products?  
We ship out our products within 24 hours of being ordered, provided they're in stock.

Do you recycle your jars?
Yes!  We recycle our sample jars but not the lids.  We encourage everyone who buys our products to recycle their jars too!  It's printed on the label.  Eventually we will encourage folks to bring their rinsed jars back to us at the farmer's market for a discount on their next purchase.  We will keep you posted.  We also re-use our boxes that our jars are shipped in with the finished product.  Our farmer's market and demo tablecloths are made from recycled coffee bean bags from JP Licks in Jamaica Plain.  

Are your ingredients locally sourced?
We source as much of our ingredients that we can from local farms.  There are no Pineapple or Mango groves in New England, so we use frozen fruit from the US.  Our blueberries come from Maine.  Our spices come fair trade growers via our supplier and are all natural and some organic.  We use no fillers or anti-caking agents (silicone dioxide) in our spice blends.  

Are there any discounts for buying in bulk?
Yup!  Just shoot us an email and we will send you wholesale info.

How much sugar is in your Original Spice Rub?
Original Spice Rub contains 0.3grams sugar per ¼ teaspoon serving. This small amount of sugar mainly comes from the Brown Sugar and Organic Dried Cane Syrup ingredients. As per FDA labeling guidelines, it’s listed as “Not a significant source of…” on the label.

How can I carry your products in my store?
Send us an email for wholesale information.

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